Why Dr.Srinivas Puvvada

  1.  He is a highly qualified Plastic Surgeon and he has 24yrs of Vast experience.
  2.  He Performed Several Surgeries with sucessful outcome, has Good reputation and gets patients by word of mouth from previous satisfied patients.
  3.  S.V.Hospital is the Highest quality of comprehensive clinical care owned by Surgeon himself , so that patient can undergo surgeries at an affordable cost in a comfortable friendly and relaxing environment which complements the professionalism.
  4.  S.V Hospital is recognised by various insurance organizations (Cash Less Hospitalized Facility is available) for Trauma Burns & Hand Injuries and reconstructive Surgeries.
  5.  DR.Srinivas believes in dedication and excellence. To achieve the excellence, he works with only one hair transplant patient at a time. Dr.Srinivas’s experience and expertise in hair replacement enable him to bring a sence of artistry to the creation of a very natural hairline with transplanted hair follicles strategically placed with optimal density of thickness.
  6.  Dr.Srinivas performs liposuction by tumescent technique under local anaesthesia which minimizes blood loss, risks of general anaesthesia and has excellent Safety profile. By using the fine canulas through small openings, This technique not only reduces pain bruising after surgery but also reduces bleeding and swelling ( Day Care Surgery).General Anesthesia is considered on patients request or for major liposuctions. Other Routinely performed Cosmetic Surgeries include Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)Male Breast Surgery (Gynecomastia)Female Breast Surgery (Enlargement , Reduction , Reconstruction & Correction of sagging), and Abdominoplasty .
  7.  Dr.Srinivas is doing cleft lip & Palate Surgery for the past 24 years.